True Love Waits – The Real Story

Today’s young adults were yesterday’s captive audience to the True Love Waits purity movement: exhibit A is the girl typing this post. I’ve gotten used to wearing the ring that serves as a daily reminder of a promise made between a barely coming-of-age teenager and a loving Father who [looking back] moved mountains to keep my heart protected in one of the most important ways. If you were to have asked me on the night this promise was made what my goal was, I would have simply said, “I’m waiting until marriage,” and that would’ve been the end of it. I knew what it meant. I knew why I made that promise. Continue reading “True Love Waits – The Real Story”


Single + Looking


Ah, your 20’s. Welcome to one of the most [if not the most] awkward stages of life. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the last few years navigating the ins-and-outs of “adulting,” as I like to call it, and wondering if you’re getting it right. You’ve got the job; you’ve got the friends; and you’ve got this insanely beautiful, God-breathed journey called life staring you square in the face. Yet something still feels like it’s missing. You look at your social media feed, and there it is. Bright-eyed, hand-holding, lovey-dovey love birds…everywhere. Then the cold, hard reality hits you: you’re single. Continue reading “Single + Looking”

The ‘F’ Words

Fear. Frustration. Faith.

It’s taken almost 24 years to realize that fear has had its hands around my spiritual throat, ready to clench at any moment — or choke out my spirit, if you will. I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as a fearful person, but it seems that there are more things that stem from fear than we would like to believe.

Anxious about the present? Rooted in fear.
Stuck in the past? Rooted in fear.
Stressed about the future? Rooted in fear.

As a Christian, I’ve heard “do not fear” enough times to fill a 300 page book with the phrase. I’ve spent enough time in the Word of God to know that fear is not of His Kingdom, and prayed against it more than I’ve prayed for blessing over my life.

A warrior against this spirit, you say? Think again. Continue reading “The ‘F’ Words”

Secondhand Love

“I’ve got a secondhand love; it’s been weighing me down, so I’m selling it off at a discounted price.”

These lyrics resonated over and over as the reality of each word sunk in with every passing moment. This is what happens when we allow the world to fill us first. We grow up and realize that our hearts are filled to the brim with a secondhand love that has left us broken and continuously searching for something better, eventually settling and selling it for the next best thing. But what is it, exactly, that we’re supposed to be searching for? A new job with a higher social status? A new, more thrilling relationship? A new, more exciting city? Continue reading “Secondhand Love”